Main Tour
Let us know if you and a group would like to stop by for an hour! We will include a flight and a tour of the facility and our equipment. Very affordable and a lot of fun!

Attend a Brew!
Come and see our main 3BBL BIAC in action!
Attend the whole brew process.
Enjoy a flight of beer for free/Food at request.
Ask us any questions along the way!
Very flexible for hours requested.

Attend a Brew and Drink it!
Conduct an actual brew on our 1/2 BBL (1Keg).     We will package your own product by cans, kegs, growlers, etc. You can even tell us what kind of beer you are looking to brew and we can do our best to make it happen as well! If requested, it can convert into a private event after witnessing & assisting the brew!

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We will be offering a custom event of Last Mountain Distillery and Iron Bridge Brewery tastings! Let us know if that floats your boat.  We can have a private section reserved just for you and your crew where you can enjoy what Lumsden has to offer!

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Events @ the Bridge

Silver Package 
Selection of requested music genre,  private tasting area for 3 hours,  options in catering menu (smoked sausage, beef, ribs, etc), an 18 oz beer/cocktail for everyone is included and a tour of facility and history of Iron Bridge Brewery.

Gold Package 
Everything in Silver plus:
A Flight for all included, private tasting area for hours requested (up to 6 hours),   Options in catering menu (10% discount), flexible to suit any needs you want!

Platinum Package

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Extra (Ew, David!)

For all events we offer, we can provide transportation at an additional cost for up to 24 people (for one trip).  We care about you and your guests so safety is our number one priority. Number 2 is having fun!  Our events are great for staff functions, hopping bars, stagettes/stags, and we are flexible to meet your demand. 

We are open to any ideas or events you are looking to have. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

We hope to see you soon at the Iron Bridge Liquor & Brewery!